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Company VÁHOSTAV-SK-PREFA, s.r.o. with its registered office Horný Hričov, as a subsidiary company of VÁHOSTAV - SK, a.s., is a producer of a wide range of precast concrete products and ready-mix concrete with a long tradition since 1964.

 At present we are also engaged in the processing of reinforced concrete and the production of vibrated concrete products. In addition, we offer for rent a formwork for smaller constructions.

We offer expert advice, production and assembly:

  • in high quality

  • within the specified time

  • at a reasonable price

Precast concrete constructions are an ideal constructional solution for a large number of civil and engineering buildings. Our company VÁHOSTAV-SK-PREFA, s.r.o. offers complete supply and assembly of precast concrete components including transport for most types of civil and engineering (bridge, road and watermanagement) construction.

Company VÁHOSTAV-SK-PREFA, s.r.o. operates throughout the territory of Slovakia as well as in the neighboring Border States and its production process is controlled by the Building testing and research institute n.o. based in Bratislava. The precast components factory in Horny Hričov is 10 km away from Žilina, connected to the main highway network Žilina - Bratislava, as well as to the main railway network Bratislava - Žilina - Košice via its own railway siding.

We are looking forward to our cooperation!


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