precast concrete products for road construction

Company VÁHOSTAV-SK-PREFA, s.r.o. offers precast concrete products designated for the construction of the road structures according to the list:

  • Concrete crash barrier GMV-120

  • Sound barrier walls VPH-PHS-OL-D 1000

  • System of retaining walls VPH

  • Road slabs IZD

We are the patent proprietor (No. 288351) for the Concrete crash barrier type GMV 120, that approval by Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic. The cross-section of the concrete crush barrier GMV-120 is „New Jersey“- shaped on both sides according to the requirements for the collision side. We used it for construction of highways D1 Dubná Skala -Turany, D1 Jánovce - Jablonov, R2 Pstruša - Kriváň, D3 Svrčinovec - Skalité and many more.

Watch the test videos of concrete crash barrier:

GMV  120 H4b    GMV  120 H4b GMV     120 H2   


D1 dubna skala Turany2


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